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what is happening here, including president obama, who views the bill as an attack on organized labor and whose arm of the democratic committee is helping to mobilize the demonstrators. cbs news, madison, wisconsin. >>> outside the white house today, hundreds of protesters urged president obama to help the people of libya. libya is just one of several countries in the middle east involved in antigovernment protests. demonstrators in bahrain celebrated as the military withdrew its tanks and riot police from the capital. the monarchy appears to be backing away from further confrontation. the country faces violent clashes in algeria and yemen. >>> a new stop for bart. the station that will help thousands in the east bay to get around. >>> and tonight, thousands brave the cold to celebrate the chinese new year, which stopped as soon as the parade started. opened for ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, passengers today the 106-million s >>> the trivalley area has a new bart station. the pleasantton stop opened for passengers today. the $106 million station is expected to make public transit more accessible to
and back in the air. don knapp, cbs5, in palo alto. >>> president obama calling for the libyan leader moammar gadhafi to step down. libya and the ruling family now facing punishment for the deadly response to antigovernment protests. scott goldberg with more on tonight's u.n. decision. >> reporter: onlookers reacted with surprise as the united nations security council unanimously voted to levy strong sanctions against libya. even china's representative agreed to the sanctions to place international travel bans on moammar gadhafi, his family and members of his inner circle. to freeze the family's assets and to refer the case to a war crime's tribunal in the hague. >> this is a clear warning to the libyan government that it must stop the killing. >> reporter: the vote followed a day of meetings interrupted as members of the council conferred with their own governments about the language and scope of the sanctions. saturday president obama made his strongest comments to date on the uprising saying in a private phone call to germany's chancellor gadaffi should step down and leave the coun
) numerous rallies. mubarak's son and four others quit their roles, a move the u.s. welcomes, but the obama administration has not pushed for mubarak to immediately step down? president mubarak's continued leadership is critical and his opportunity to write his own legacy. >> secretary of state hillary clinton also spoke on the crisis while attending an international security conference, she said it's important egyptian leaders demonstrate an orderly transition is underway to keep the middle east stable. at the united nations michael herzenberg, cbs news. >> the protest spread here to the bay area today. thousands gathered in san francisco joining the call for a new start in egypt. don knapp attended their demonstration. [ yelling ] >> reporter: demonstrators at san francisco's un plaza say they are encouraged by and want to support the massive antigovernment protest in cairo. >> i think just the fact that people are refusing to leave the streets despite how mill take arrived and tactics of fear the government has been bringing, that the people's spirits are so much stronger than that, it's
activists pushing for elimination of the environmental protection agency and calls president obama clueless on foreign policy. >>> wisconsin state police tonight decided against forcibly evicting protestors from the capitol building. they have occupied the retunda for three weeks. a walkout by state democrats have halted the vote. >>> capturing a town close to moammar gadhafi's stronghold in tripoli, bracing for a counter attack from sources loyal to gadaffi. scott goldberg says the conflict appears headed to a violent climb ax climax. >> reporter: three days of heavy fighting with government forces. more than a dozen people died in the battle. the opposition controls tanks and antiaircraft guns and they vowed to keep fighting until libyan leader moammar gadhafi steps down. >> we don't need moammar any more. >> reporter: they show no signs of losing the grip. widespread international criticism and sanctions from the u.s., britain, and the united nations. secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in geneva sunday for a meeting of the u.n. human rights council. before departing saying the u.
news that aired before the super bowl president barack obama said egypt will not go back to what it was before the protests began. >> the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. >> reporter: the pope prayed for peace, as did christians in bethlehem and americans joined egyptian americans issuing a call for liberty in egypt on a banner flown around the statue of liberty. in new york, cbs news. >>> the uprising in egypt is largely the work of young. the country has a huge youth population. the median age there is just 24 and young people between the ages of 15 and 29 make up 90% of the unemployed. that's despite the fact many demonstrators who have grown up only knowing one ruler are highly educated. >> most of the people actually have really good degrees but can't find anything to go into. our government doesn't take care of us. our government doesn't give us opportunities that they should be giving us. >> tuition at egypt universities is just $60 a year and there are many more students than jobs. only about half of the 600 to 700,000 graduates a year find
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5